Prajwal Multi Purposes Souhard Sahakare Limited

Vijay International School is a precious jewel in the crown of MRN Groups of Institutions founded in the year 2012. A day cum residential school, Vijay International School follows the CBSE curriculum, affiliated to the central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi

At Vijay International School, it is our aim to establish a work culture that fosters diligence, sincerity and accountability, where by our students develop a passion for learning that will serve throughout and beyond school years.

We Endeavour to promote the pursuit of excellence and achievements for every student to enable him/her to optimize his/her potential.
Our goal is to create and maintain an etho that encourages high academic standards, co _operation, enthusiasm and initiative.

Multimedia Learning  
V.I.S. has tied up with Educomp service which are well known for providing digital learning solution all over the country. so saooi has aircady installed smart class facilities in 4 classrooms and extended its services to the students.  

Counseling Centre.  
The school has a full time counselor who looks into  behavioral  
concerns and learning difficulties of students from Montessori to the Senior classes.      

Lab Facilities.  
To allow and encourage the students to think, demonstrate & assimilate the theoretical knowledge in a better manner, Physics, Chemistry. Biology & Computer Science, Social Science and Language laboratories are available for the students.

Leadership and character building through sports from a part of the school curriculum. The school provides facilities for all major games like football, volley ball, basket ball, skating, cricket and athletics. Well trained and experienced Physical Education teachers and specialized coaches have been appointed for these activities.

Students can use the school transport. The routes of the school buses arc drawn up and the parents should consult the school transport-in- charge for necessary details.

Value Education
Value Education forms an integral and important part of the student’s life. It is obligatory that all students who enter the portal of V.I.S, should place valuable importance on character building and spirituality. It is important that the best values be nurtured and cultivated in life. School has adopted an innovative method of teaching value education through School cinema which is wonderful way of learning moral values.

Excursion field Trips
As children learn the best when they see what they learn, a series of field trip & for all classes from time to time, are organized as part of the school curriculum. This encourages the children to meet other people and share their views with them, learn to co-operate with others develop soft skills and inculcate a sense of responsibility.

Children are exposed to the classical and contemporary forms of dance. Theoretical and practical knowledge is imparted and children are also exposed to various other dance forms.

Both instrument and vocal music are taught by professionals. Students are given a platform to display their musical ability.

Art & Craft
Expression with paints & craft work-this is what goes on in the art & craft period where the children acquire painting skills under the guidance of accomplished art & craft teachers.

School Timings
Montessori     : 9:30 am to 1:30 pm
I to X CBSE  : 9:30 am to  4:20 pm

Visiting Time For Parents
The school would encourage the parents to maintain a close rapport with the concerned teachers of their wads in the school. Parents can meet the principal, coordinator according to the schedule given below.

Visiting hours:
Principal  : Wednesday & Friday 9 am to 10 am
Thursday 3 pm to 4 pm
Teachers  : by prior appointment on Saturday after 2 pm.

To be a premier professionally managed institution that provides an environment which nurtures excellence, holistic growth and prepares students for a knowledge society and global economy by developing lifelong learning skills.


  • To be a professionally managed institution through a well designed quality management system that empowers all stakeholders, teachers, Students and parents.
  • To create a student-friendly learning environment through innovative Learning practices that draw out the best in every student.

    Aims and objectives
  • Achieving academic excellence through a scientifically planned curriculum and assessment system.
  •  Building competencies by participating in competitions, various cultural and literary programs.
  •  Acquiring a keen spirit in sports and appreciation of the art through multifarious activities.
  • Inculcating a spirit of social responsibility through participation in community projects and outreach programs.
  • Creating sound self awareness through exercise for self analysis and goal setting.
  • Developing emotional and spiritual well being through exposure to real life situation.


Status of Company
Sole trading concern

Constitution of the firm
Registered under companies act 1956.

Liquid Co2

Sugar Storing Capacity
Number of godowns 4 (four)

Each godown capcity range from 2.5L quintals to 3.5L quintals.

Total capacity 13L quintals.

Molasses Storage Capacity
Molasses Storage Number of Tanks 6 (six).

Each tank storage capacity range from 4000 metric tones to 6000 metric tones.

Total storage capacity 28000 metric tones.