About Us

The growth of a country is dependent on a multitude of factors, of which the industries sector plays a vital and large role. They cater to the overall economic development of a nation while contributing to the individual economic growth of those employed by them, through their large employment opportunities.

MRN Group of Industries is one of the best examples to showcase the impact of the industries on economic development. MRN Group of Industries is situated in the Mudhol taluk of Bagalkot District in North Karnataka having Corporate Office at World Trade Center Bangalore. The people of this region have been witnessing steady economic growth for the last 10 years, thanks to MRN Group of Industries.

Today, the MRN Group of Industries is at the “Cusp of Times”  and it presents tremendous progress and prosperity to create value and wealth for the rural families of this part of Karnataka. MRN Sugar & Cements units have created a corridor of sustainable employment opportunities for the rural youth in this area.

Brief History

As a nation’s first Mini Sugar plant nirani sugars ltd was established by an young Engineer with Management degree in hand, started venturing to establish mini sugar plant for enabling him to crush his own cane. After developing technically and financially and with support of cane growers and bankers,  MRN Sugar started taking big turns every year and over the period of one and half decades had transformed from mini unit  to an Asia’s  biggest sugar complex, at single site,  Today the MRN group is at the top of time and had developed in various fields namely  Agro-based industries, Cement industries, Credit & banking, Educational and automobile  fields   etc. The annual turnover of all these units, have reached high turnover.

Main Objectives

Main objectives of all these Units, is to assist forming community and general public creating a sustainable employment opportunities for rural populace. Under Corporate Social Responsibility, each unit is having great motto to help for community development. We create infrastructural facilities namely rural roads, drinking water, educational institutions which are main needs of the rural people. We conduct health camps, rural sports and rural religious functions in their vicinity. We under take promotional activity namely farmers trainings and imbibing them latest technology in the field of agriculture, besides conducting foreign trips to farmers, every year.


We have kept up a fair track record of receiving many Awards and Rewards every year from reputed national institutions recognizing our achievements  in the field of production of Sugar, Power and Ethanol. We have bagged gold and silver prizes for our highest achievement in respective fields.

Futuristic Plans/Expansion

Under futuristic plans & programs, all our prospering units, are expanding their capacities with a main motto of helping Cane growers, rural youth, venders and general public of this area.


Status of Company
Sole trading concern

Constitution of the firm
Registered under companies act 1956.

Liquid Co2

Sugar Storing Capacity
Number of godowns 4 (four)

Each godown capcity range from 2.5L quintals to 3.5L quintals.

Total capacity 13L quintals.

Molasses Storage Capacity
Molasses Storage Number of Tanks 6 (six).

Each tank storage capacity range from 4000 metric tones to 6000 metric tones.

Total storage capacity 28000 metric tones.