About Nirani Groups

The growth of a country is dependent on a multitude of factors, of which the industries sector plays a vital and large role. They cater to the overall economic development of a nation while contributing to the individual economic growth of those employed by them, through their large employment opportunities.

MRN Group of Industries is one of the best examples to showcase the impact of the industries on economic development. MRN Group of Industries is situated in the Mudhol taluk of Bagalkot District in North Karnataka having Corporate Office at World Trade Center Bangalore. The people of this region have been witnessing steady economic growth for the last 10 years, thanks to MRN Group of Industries.

Leadership Team

Shri Murugesh.R.Nirani

Founder & Chairman

Shri Hanamath.R.Nirani

Chairman & Managing Director

Shri Sangamesh.R. Nirani

Excutive Director